Interesting Statistics

  • Over 70 million cars will have factory-installed Sirius XM radios within the next five years. (Source: Telematics News)
  • In 2011 online advertising was up $207 million industry-wide compared to 2010. Print advertising, was down $2.1 billion. (Due to the decline in readership industry-wide) (Source: Newspaper Association of America)
  • 57% of Americans reported using a CD or MP3 Player in their car

Did You Know?

  • Nearly 1 out of 3 people who make purchasing decisions within their company are more heavily exposed to outdoor marketing than any other medium
  • 52% of these decision makers did not read a daily newspaper yesterday and 2 out of 5 did not read a Sunday newspaper last week
  • 2 out of 5 people who make decisions spend 20 more minutes on the road daily, making them a captive outdoor audience
  • Outdoor marketing costs substantially less than other forms of marketing, and in some cases is even more effective than other forms of media you can purchase
  • Light TV viewers comprise of 40% of the total viewing audience, and spend less than 90 minutes per day watching TV between the hours of 6:00am and midnight. (Source: Outdoor Advertising Association of America)
  • Those who spend more than an hour per day reading newspapers spend 3.7 hours per day online. (Source: The Media Audit)
  • The number of advertising pages in top magazines has dropped 42% since 2000. (Source: Publishers Information Bureau)
  • Nearly 100 US households have Internet access today, and over 90% of those households use broadband. The average Internet user spends over 25 hours online per week. (Source: Magna Insights)

Did you think about these factors too?

  • Outdoor marketing has the audience that TV, newspaper and radio must first build.
  • Thousands of cars every single day drive by billboards promoting a product or service. These very same people who put up billboard advertising generate an endless amount of leads and sales for their business.