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Introducing Logan County’s first and only digital billboard, allowing you to place your message where you want it, when you want it. The digital advantage allows flexibility in playing a variety of ads in your slot and at certain days and times if you wish. Located right on US 68 at Iron City Sports Bar with lots of traffic near Downtown. Packages can be customized for any budget.

View from Casey’s General Store across the street!
View from Casey’s General Store across the street!

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Panels: 2
Advertising Strength: Logan County’s First Digital Billboard! Located right on South 68 in the Iron City parking lot near Downtown Bellefontaine. Great visibility and traffic from both directions. Right across the street from Casey’s General Store!
Location: US 68
County: Logan
Market: Bellefontaine
Traffic Count: 15,000
Board Facing: South
Read: Left (See Other Side)
Copy Size: 11’ X 22’
Media/Style: Digital
Longitude/Latitude:  40.345878, -83.760990

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