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We’ve been thinking about how we ought to be doing more to serve our clients and businesses we touch. I know from being a 3rd generation family owned business for more than 50 years that you can never have enough support as a Small Business Owner, never enough resources, never enough people watching your back.

That’s why when I was talking to the team at COMSTOR Outdoor we asked ourselves “how can we be more valuable to the people we serve?"

Among other things we came up with what we know you’ll find as a great idea. In our business, we love ideas and we love inspiration. We like to see people doing well and we like to have new strategies that will help us do better.

So, every Friday we now produce what we call Marketing on Main Street™. In this complimentary email publication you’ll find fast, effective and cool marketing ideas that will help your business standout and attract more customers.

You’ll see, hear and read stories from inspiring entrepreneurs and business owners just like you (hey maybe sometime in the future one of these stories will be yours).

And I’m sure we’ll round up some other pertinent information from time to time. Most importantly this will be your touch point with us each and every week, always as a reminder that we’re here for you and appreciate you no matter what level of relationship we have.

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