Retail Spending with Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising isn’t just about putting up ads on the side of a highway. It’s a way to connect with your customers and tell them about something incredible. According to the Ohio Advertising Association of America, the top five industries with the biggest out of home advertising spend were: miscellaneous services, retail, media and advertising, restaurants, and hotels and public transportation.

There are unique ways to advertise using billboards within these industries, and industries similar to these. Digital billboards allow for more specific targeting and real-time updates.  But how can retail clients utilize real time updates? How can small boutiques create ads that the consumer hasn’t seen before with major retailers? Why are retail brands investing so much of their advertising dollars into out of home advertising?

Social media is a beautiful thing. And pairing social media and outdoor advertising together is a whole new world of marketing. Brands can feature their local customers on their Instagram or Twitter pages and then put their posts up on the billboard. That gives the customer their 15 minutes of fame and helps establish brand loyalty with the customer. They see you recognizing and appreciating their shopping, they continue buying. Everyone is happy.

Having a sale for one day only, but need to spread the word? Nothing quite says “you do not want to miss this sale” quite like a countdown in big bold letters on a billboard to the end of the sale.  With the countdown feature the digital billboard can provide, customers feel like they’re on a race against time to get that new pair of jeans they’ve been eyeing for a month. Retail brands are investing so much of their advertising dollars into out of home advertising, because it works!

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