Put a Bow on Your Business Marketing

Christmas is quickly approaching and with the holiday season upon us, one thing is for sure – buying gifts is on the mind of just about everyone in America.

dreamstime_xxl_29011007 copyAs a society, we are crazy about buying gifts. I recently read an infographic by Epikco that provided some fascinating information. The average spend this Christmas is $800 per person and most companies report spending 10-30% of their marketing budgets during the Holiday Season. When it comes to shopping, women tend to spend more time looking for the perfect gift while men tend to be last minute shoppers.

No doubt buying Christmas presents is huge and the ritual of finding presents to put under the tree has several marketing lessons that can help you design a more effective marketing strategy for your business.

Lesson #1: Know your customers and how to market to them

Just like with gift buying, the more you know about your audience the happier they’ll be and the better results for your bottom line. Sometimes that’s not the most expensive gift, but the one that’s most meaningful and useful. The same is true in business. How often do you take the time to cut an article out of a newspaper that featured one of your clients and send it to them or send a handwritten note? (A lost art which you can revive and use in your arsenal for good).

Lesson #2: Know what they like

How much do you know your target audience? (Like, dislikes, interests, and hobbies).

What do they share?  What do they talk about?

Target your message based on these facts.

With social media today, finding out details like this is as easy as going to your computer and looking at any online profiles they have. If you’re more an offline type of person, grabbing a cup of coffee and having a conversation can be huge in gaining this information too.

Lesson #3: Give them valuable content

By providing valuable content, tips, advice and resources – your customers will value you. Do you send out newsletters, product updates, and personalized messages with details on a product or service that you feel your clients could benefit from?  If not, give it a try and when you do remember to be memorable! Doing business isn’t all about “getting.” It’s more about giving and when you give, you will get exponentially more.

Lesson #4: Your package is your message

By knowing your customers, providing great value and packaging it with great marketing – you will continue to be successful.

Do your business, your relatives and yourself a big favor with these 4 Simple Holiday Marketing Lessons.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,

Jason Duff

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