Are You Chicken?

Some of the clients that work with my team get very excited about building and launching a campaign only to pull the campaign a few short months into the process.

Others decide to launch a campaign, have it deliver solid results and then decide to back off because the campaign worked so well that they don’t feel the need to invest in it further.

Both of these situations are big marketing fails and I’m excited to share advice so you can avoid these same mistakes.

dreamstime_xl_28989484Smart Advertisers Don’t Chicken Out!

Let me explain this further by sharing a personal story.

Many people (including myself) are guilty of following a similar path when it comes to going to gym. The fact is, I want those perfect six-pack abs really bad.

BUT, there’s one small problem…

Getting the abs that I want involves me going to the gym and being disciplined about my workout and forces me to give up spending money on things that are not doing any good for me.

1.     The Chickening out Effect

At a time in your life I bet you’ve made a commitment to kick yourself back into shape, knock off a few pounds and drop a waist size or two.

It all starts with joining a local gym, running or jogging to and from work, or maybe doing a few leg lifts from your office chair.

After a few months, you’re probably feeling pretty good. Your muscles start to grow, your endurance raises, but stepping on the scale or looking in the mirror shows little sign of success.

Advertising goes through the same phase. Most advertisers give up 2-3 months in for the same reasons. They aren’t willing to do what’s necessary to achieve long term success.

2.    Enjoying the Results

Smart advertisers start to see results from longer term campaigns.

After 6 months in the gym, I start to notice that I’ve dropped a few pounds and co-workers and friends start to notice and pay attention, mentioning that I look good. You start to see results and you’re motivated to keep going.

Next, you watch your diet, track your pace and increase the amount of weights you are lifting. Advertising needs the same amount of attention.

3.    Building a Healthy Lifestyle

After 12 months of exercising, running, and biking – you like what you see. The scale shows a number that you are happy with and when you look in the mirror you are happy with the results that you see.

You worked hard, did your homework, got through the chickening out phase and now have the results you desire.

Next time you are faced with an important advertising decision, remember the gym metaphor.

Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Have a great run of a Friday,

Jason Duff

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