Logan County Goes Digital

Logan County is home to delicious restaurants and sports bars, countless new small businesses, the world’s oldest concrete road and now, it’s first digital billboard. As residents of the beautiful Bellefontaine, we knew Logan County would be the perfect place to engage the community with a digital billboard.

Digital outdoor advertising takes a whole new approach to the world of creative advertising. Traditional billboards take days, sometimes weeks to update, but the digital billboard allows for changes within minutes. It allows real time updates, new opportunities to get creative, and gives businesses an opportunity to reach as many eyes as possible. Which is exactly why we’re so excited to put in this very special billboard.

The first ever digital billboard in Logan County will feature 16 exclusive 8-second spots. Whether you’re a small business who wants to find a new niche market, a high-school athletic department that would benefit from live score updates, or a restaurant enticing customers to stop in for dinner, this digital billboard is perfect for you. Located right on South 68 in the Iron City parking lot near downtown, there is great visibility and traffic from both directions.

There are over 400 static billboards in Logan County, but only one digital billboard.

If you’re interested in a featured spot on the Billboard, contact Eddie Saunders at esaunders@comstoroutdoor.com.

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