Copying is the Best Form of Flattery know that it’s a very busy time for most of you working to get your summer projects completed, kids back to school, and planning for that last minute vacation. 

While all of those things may be taking up a lot of your time right now, I’d like to ask you to invest 10 minutes today “thinking” about YOUR BUSINESS. 
Why? Because I like challenging you AND I know that you’re up for the challenge. 
The reason why I publish this weekly newsletter is because I care so much about helping people reach their full potential. Often times the greatest breakthroughs happen not with the products or services we sell, but rather with the ideas, thinking, and energy we infuse into our businesses. 
If you take 10 minutes today to read and think about the TRUTHS that I have boiled down to three simple points, I promise that you will be well on your way to significant results. 
Let’s get right to it. 
1.      If you are easy to work with, people will want to work with you. 
People work with people who “get it.” Customers value vendors who understand that time is money, provide clear expectations, and follow-up accordingly. 
2.       Your product will be in demand only if it’s good.     
If you sell a cheap product, expect a cheap experience and a one-time sale. If your product delivers the results you promise, people will pay for it and hire you again. 
3.       If you are successful, other people will attempt to copy you and do exactly what you do. 
Please stop and re-read SIMPLE TRUTH #3. 
In the book Good Strategy Bad Strategy, author Richard Rumelt shares that one of the pillars of good strategy is making sure that your competitive advantage is difficult for competition to copy. 
Over the years, I’ve had many people try to copy my business. Some people have even gone as far as copying/pasting the text on my brochures and simply putting their logo on it. 

But rather than becoming angry, I simply smile. While it may be easy to copy, it’s almost impossible to perform. 
I equate it to peaking over the shoulder to get answers for a test, only to realize that each test is different. 
To combat those who are trying to copy you; differentiate.    
Differentiate by hiring the best and most qualified team/employees. Or by designing your products services in a way that are far different than what your industry has ever seen before. 

Design a unique selling proposition that only you can perform upon. Example: “We deliver fast, fresh pizza in one hour or less or it’s free.”   
Remember, it’s a compliment when others try to do what you do. 
Dare to be different, dare to be the only one who meets every step of the THREE TRUTHS above. 
To your success, 

Jason Duff 
COMSTOR Outdoor 

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