It’s All in the Music

Ah, Holiday Music! The familiar melodies that remind so many of us of huddling around a fire surrounded by family. The sounds that remind us of pine scents, eggnog, and mistletoe.

There’s so much good feeling attached to Holiday music that it’s nice to dip into holiday playlists early and get excited about what’s to come.

Music - woman wearing headphones listening to music with music nTruth be told, if it were socially acceptable to play it all year round – I would. However, some of my team members may object!

I’ve been pondering WHY the music played at Christmas time is so beloved. Then I had an AH-HA moment.

The reason why it’s so special is that it’s only played a few months out of the year and we are deeply emotionally connected to it.

The question is…what about your business and/or its products and services are customers deeply and emotionally connected to?

If you say very little – well – now might be a time to re-tool.

I’ve been really inspired lately by traveling to places like Greenville, Marysville, Piqua, and Troy (to name a few) and see the rise of many stores that sell vintage, antique, and repurposed goods. These places are not only fun to explore – but they are POPULAR destinations within those communities.

When I think about it, these kinds of stores really get the analogy of “Holiday Music.” They take items that we all have a deep and emotional connection to and repackage them for us to enjoy in our homes and businesses today.

You may have some of these items gathering dust in your garage. It may be trash to you – but add words like Retro. Vintage. Antique…and those items take on a whole new meaning.

Some things earn the title of nostalgic because of our attachments to them.

Every generation has examples:

Do you remember when the first Beatles Album came out?
Vinyl records are back – and they are hot!

So is anything that has the name Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
(As an 80’s kid, this makes me smile).

Next time you listen to your favorite Holiday tune, think about what it means to you and how it can be applicable to what you do in your business and community.


Jason Duff

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