Losing Someone You Love

Losing people we love is never easy, especially when you look up to them for strength and believe they will always be there. 
After a long and difficult battle with a rare form of cancer, my Grandfather Jim Duff is at peace in heaven. It’s easy to focus on the raw sadness of losing such a tall tree with deep roots, but that sadness is quickly replaced with joy when one sees the great forests that have grown up around him. 
To read more about his life and accomplishments, click here. 

My Grandfather lived every minute of his 82 years exactly the way he wanted to – with heartfelt purpose. 

He deeply loved his family, his friends, his community – and perfect strangers too. Throughout his life, he made a conscious effort to give and contribute his time, talent, and treasure – always. Grandpa was a wonderful listener and would share his honest advice, even if it were tough (you could always count on an occasional joke peppered in). 

20140916 Jim Duff (1)As many of you know, my Grandfather was one my closest mentors, advisers, and friends. There is a big hole in my heart now that he’s gone but he planted so many wonderful seeds, dreams, and possibilities. Please don’t be sad for too long (he wouldn’t want us to be) – let’s celebrate him, his life, and his lasting legacy. 
To honor him and all those wonderful men and women of his generation, remember this: 
“What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes part of us.” – Helen Keller 
Thank you Grandpa. I love you and will continue to work hard using the advice and lessons you have taught me. 
Today is a great day to reach out to someone in your life reminding them that they’re important and that you love them. 

Your friend,

Jason Duff 
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