When in a Rut

I recently had a friend of mine say: “Jason, you are a really positive person but…when you’re in a rut, what do you do?”

I thought that this was a good question because while it’s easy to speak of life’s successes, the road ahead isn’t always an easy one.

This is true for everyone.

dreamstime_1741735I know that many people reading this, while everything on the surface may look great, underneath they may be struggling. Often times we get so busy that we don’t even have time to process life because we are so busy living in it or even worse, living in our past.

For many, this is the busiest time of year working to complete estimates, manage projects, sell homes, and review the latest new law or legislation affecting your industry.

You are doing all of this while also managing your stuff plus the stuff of other people or things going on in your business.

I wanted to just send you a message to say – YOU ARE O.K.  And you are not alone.

When I was asked the question about what to do when I’m in a rut I took some time to reflect on my own life and wrote down things that help me when I’m feeling down or feel that the world is against me.

This was my response….

When I’m in a rut, I force myself to keep moving forward. Easy to say and even harder to do, so here’s a few tips that have helped me.

Convince yourself, things will get better. When you’re in a rut it seems like you’ll never break free. By recognizing that this is simply a phase you are going through, things will get better quicker. And often times when you look back at what you thought was a huge issue, you will realize it was not.

Exercise. Even though times like this make any sort of physical exercise even more challenging, you must make time to focus on at least low-grade exercise such as a walk, jog, or swim. Get social! We tend to become withdrawn in the low points of our life; a better approach is to join a new sport, hobby, fitness class, support group, or other social activity where you can be with others.

Change your diet. We tend to become self-destructive in times of trouble within our lives – eating too much sugar and carbohydrates or escaping reality with alcohol and stimulants. By breaking these bad habits we can build momentum that will help us break through the rut.

Change your routine. Being stuck in a rut is really succumbing to a pattern of bad habits – by breaking your routine, just one step toward change can get the ball rolling. Baby steps! Our tendency is to wait for some major life event to break us out of our rut when the best way to quickly escape this hell-like, self-imposed prison is to take small steps each day toward improving our life.

Take responsibility. Look inward and understand that you have everything you need to succeed wildly today; it’s just that you are relying on external factors for your success. By taking responsibility for changing your situation you empower yourself to break free of your rut.

These are a few of my simple tricks. Do you have some to add to this list as well? If so, I would be honored if you would comment below and share a few tips of your own. (The more ideas and feedback you can share, the more people it will help).

Thanks in advance,

Jason Duff

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