When Air Travel Was Fun

While sitting crammed in a middle seat – hot, slightly dehydrated, and with a screaming baby in arms reach I thought to myself….. 

“Who in their right mind could ever find air travel – GLAMOROUS!?!”. 
As a matter of fact, many did the way it used to be! 
There’s something to be said about how some things don’t get better with age. 

Flying 40 years ago, the size of the toothpaste in your carry on didn’t matter and you weren’t charged a fee for extra luggage. 

Traveling by air had a much more glamorous side. You not only were first class, you FELT first class! 
Vintage FlyingI recently came across these vintage airline travel images and thought you would appreciate. As you can see from this image, flying was an enjoyable experience. You wanted to fly because of the people that you would meet, the food that you would enjoy, and the adventure of the entire experience.

The cabins were very open and spacious. 

Cocktails and cigarettes were flowing (maybe we could have done without those, but you get the point). 
Here’s a lesson: 
While some businesses try to strip out all of the benefits from an experience to pinch a penny or two, others do the exact opposite and differentiate themselves by doing more. 

There’s a huge difference between VALUE and PRICE. 

The way to cash in on customers in the middle of those two factors is by creating a MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE. 
The reason why I often choose to fly Southwest Airlines isn’t because of price – it’s because of a more enjoyable consistent experience. 

Sure, I’m still crammed in a middle seat but the flight attendants smile, tell jokes, and have a common simple boarding process that I am very familiar with.

Occasionally, they also send me free drink tickets out of the blue. 
While I’m not first class, they make me feel first class. And the success that Southwest has had is obvious and reflects in its stock price as it continually outperformers most, if not all, of its competition. 

We can learn a lot from the past and find ways to bring back good quality service by creating lasting and memorable experiences for our customers. 
Do you agree? 
I hope so. 
Be well and carry-on! 
Your friend,

Jason Duff 
COMSTOR Outdoor 

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