Start With Why (Video)

Why are some companies just better?
Why is Apple so innovative?
whywhyWhy did Martin Luther King lead the civil rights movement?
Why was it that the Wright Brothers were able to figure out power-aided flight when there were plenty of other teams out there who were better qualified and funded?
Author Simon Sinek made a profound discovery that changed his view on how he THOUGHT the world worked and the way he now operates in it.
There’s a pattern and I want you to know about it.
Listen, I know your time is valuable but this is 18 minutes of your life that you won’t regret by investing time in watching this video.
Click here to see it now.
As it turns out, there’s a pattern. All of the great inspiring leaders and organizations in the world think, act, and communicate in the same way.
You can start thinking like them too.

Watch this video now and share it with others who you feel will benefit from it too.
After watching the video you can decide: What’s your WHY?

I’d love for you to share it not only with me but all of your customers too.
Have a great Friday my friend!

Jason Duff

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