Now This is Clever

I’m sure you’ve been driving down the road and at some point a sign being held by a disgruntled person caught your attention. Whether you support the issue or not, people with signs are effective.

Frustrated with a local labor dispute in front of his dealership, a Subaru dealer in Wichita, Kansas came up with a response to a group of protesters that parked near his property.

Here’s the original sign posted.


Being respective of free speech, he came up with a response by adding his own sign next to the original one.

The message now reads.

Subaru 3

The game was changed.

This generated quite a bit of buzz, made it to the local TV news, and is now nationally syndicated.

No matter which side of the union debate you fall on, there’s no denying this was a clever move.

It just goes to show how important your message is and how you can take control at anytime. A little nugget for your marketing mind.

Your friend,

Jason Duff

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