Roaches, and spiders, and fleas, OH MY!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re more afraid of one little spider or an infestation of bedbugs, no one likes a pest in the house. an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, Sullenberger Pest Control is serious about eliminating pests and providing the very best customer service. The company was founded in 1985 and serves residential and commercial clients in Miami, Shelby, Darke, Champaign, and Montgomery Counties.

Rodents making the naughty list this season include rats, mice, bats, raccoons, and groundhogs. Slightly smaller in size, but not any less naughty, roaches, silverfish, spiders, termites, fleas, bedbugs, ants, bees, and wasps round out the list.

The company caters to customer needs and requests, and they are very pet and family friendly. In fact, Sullenberger Pest Control supports Wounded Warrior Project, a charitable organization dedicated to serving wounded United States service members.

Contact Phil Sullenberger, owner, at (937) 778-8093, or via email at, and say goodbye to those pests!

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