Red Alert, We Have Trouble

Yesterday was a very unusually busy day in Huntsville. Well, I mean, things are always busy here but yesterday was an “unplanned” kind of busy. 
Here’s what greeted me when walking into the office. 
TECHNOLOGY DOWN. dreamstime_xl_28025800INTERNET DOWN. 
Here’s what we didn’t know…a contractor working on a road project up the highway severed our connection to the world – the phone/internet cable! When this happens, there’s not much you can do until someone from the phone company fixes it. 
Luckily I work with great people and we have a few systems in place to respond when technology does not. 
While computers are great, PROFESSIONALS ARE BETTER when you hit a crisis. 
Here are some examples: 
Within minutes, my team member Pam jumped into action and started troubleshooting. She contacted the phone/internet company and alerted other co-workers that we had a problem and were working to fix it. 
Our outside IT consultant (who’s awesome by-the-way) received a virtual notification and started to support our efforts remotely re-routing important Internet traffic to the appropriate backup severs. 

Next, all of our regular phone numbers were ported to our cell phones with the goal of least amount of disruption to our customers. 
Here’s an important (AH-HA MOMENT) I had. It’s in a crisis moment that the planning, people, and vendors you hire – matter the most. 
You don’t need drama mamas. 
Or a random guy who owns a truck. 
Or a company that forgets to return your calls or e-mails. 
You need to work with….PROFESSIONALS. People and companies who have good organization, communication and problem solving skills. 
All others need not apply. 
When it comes to the needs of our clients, I want to be that first emergency call. I want to give advice that is based on my experience and create results that perform. And you should want to be the same for your customers. 
Have you had a company breakdown lately? I bet so and if so, did you take an opportunity to discuss and learn from it? 
Now’s a perfect time to discuss those recent “breakdowns” and put the right vendors, people and processes in place to shine. 
You can do it!

Jason Duff 
COMSTOR Outdoor 

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