Things Are About to Get Greater

Did you hear the news?

Yesterday, my team and I announced some exciting news that is shaking up the marketing industry.    

We announced the acquisition of Great Heights Marketing based in Columbus, Ohio.
Great Heights has long been recognized as one of the premier digital marketing agencies in Ohio and we are excited to grow upon its solid foundation. 
Image 1Here’s a link to the official press release
Reflecting on the changes that I’ve experienced the last few years I can’t help but get a little sentimental. 

I think about all of the amazing people who have helped us arrive to where we are today. 
Family, friends, team members, clients…and even competitors. 
When I first started COMSTOR Outdoor in 2001, it began with a single billboard in Huntsville, Ohio.   
The fact of the matter was that thousands of cars passed by my office in Huntsville every single day. 
More than 8,000 cars on a daily basis to be exact. And then it dawned on me. 
If I was able to communicate a message that even just 10% of those cars would see, that exposure could translate into greater traffic and awareness for the business. 
So that became the reason I did my first experiment: build a sign and create GREAT ADVERTISING. 
In a matter of days after my first sign went up, I received a call from my advertiser asking for more locations. The problem was – I didn’t have any other locations! 
It was then that I realized renting billboard signs would become an important part of my business and that I needed to build more. 
The same philosophy of listening for new opportunities is true for COMSTOR Outdoor today.

With the acquisition of Great Heights Marketing, we are moving into the great new frontier of the Internet and digital marketing.   

We are expanding our abilities and team to offer our clients access to the best designers, copywriters, and marketing minds. 
Image 2People who design
websites, brochures, banners, and print materials. Did I mention not only design them, but test and support them too? 
Instead of not knowing where to go and who to turn to, you can view us as your local team who is approachable and affordable. 
Not only will we listen, but we’ll also give you honest and frank advice. 
While billboards will always remain as one the oldest and most effective ways to advertise, we now have the resources, talent and capabilities of a BIG CITY firm run by real small town entrepreneurs. 
If you’ve been thinking that you want to have a conversation about your website or your marketing, now is the time to ask. 

No question is dumb. Just hit reply and ask. 
Thank you for helping us spread the news by sharing this e-mail with anyone who you feel we can help. 
We are who we are because of YOU.  THANK YOU! 
To GREATER success, 

Jason Duff 
COMSTOR Outdoor 

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