The Haircut Experience few months ago I was driving down the road and saw a sign that read – “We do $5 haircuts!”

My first thought was….wow…only $5….really?

I immediately became excited about this money saving experiment! Seemed like a great deal…or so I thought.

What will my hair look like AFTER a $5 haircut?

Well, I went ahead and gave it a try.

After the cut – which consisted of me watching as most of my hair was vaporized with an electronic razor in a not-so-flattering way, I quickly arrived that being cheap was a costly decision.

Who could I blame? Only myself.

If the salon offer is $5 a cut…there’s a good chance that they have to sacrifice by (cutting costs) in other areas.

Areas where they could actually charge more with a little better communication and offerings.

If you and I were to take a public survey, I’m confident that we would find that most consumers are looking for more than just a cheap price. They are looking for a salon that is clean, professional, and who caters to the needs of its clients.


The more I thought about a $5 cut, the more clear I became that I was not interested in this type of salon at all.

Key point for today – cheap prices often mean cheap experiences!

What You Can Do Now

Take a look at your service offerings and make sure that you are packaging the most value in your offerings.Think about what your competition cannot even begin to offer and create a knock your socks off experience.

wfbmWhen you do this – this will be your reputation and why customers will come to you first or AFTER they had their own $5 haircut experience.

P.S. If you recently received some bad marketing advice that is actually working against your goals, let me know what’s not working and give me an opportunity to show you solutions that fit your goals and budget!

To your success!

Jason Duff

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