A Look in the Mirror

I shared a quote on my personal Facebook page this week that is one of my favorites.

The quote is this: “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-man-takes-look-himself-mirror-image17799895

These are words written by Seth Godin, one of the best business leaders today. I met Seth four years ago in Washington, D.C. while attending the INC 500 conference. If you don’t know much about Seth, he’s kind of rock star among us entrepreneur types.

I have watched Seth speak a number of times and of course when I met him all I could do was say – I love your work. He of course said thanks and then asked me what I do.

I told him, I work on Main Street and help small businesses think big. He smiled and said, “They need it, good for you!” This is a great memory for me and is a big reason why I love my work.

Seth’s written several books and advises some of the best corporations in America. I highly recommend that you check out and follow his blog here.

This is one of the many great resources that I use to stay informed on some of the ground breaking advice and ideas in the field of marketing.

Here’s how I translate Seth’s quote for us on Main Street.

1. Don’t sit and wait for your phone to ring, make your phone ring – Advertise the results that you create for your clients. Send out e-mails, post cards, and letters to remind people that you are an expert willing to help them.

2. Call your existing customers – share helpful tips with them, give them advice on important updates that they care about, prepare an offer ahead of time and share it on the call. Building a relationship takes time, but checking-in can be one of the greatest ways to close new sales.

3. Survey, survey, survey – sell more to the people that already know and love you. When was the last time you asked,” is there anything else that you wish I could help you with?” The answer to this question may surprise you and be the most profitable way to expand your service offerings.

Look at life through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror. You sell great products and provide excellent service.

How can you find products that do more to help your customers?

It’s a great question to start the day.

Best Easter wishes to you and your family,

Jason Duff

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