$1,500 Raised For Local College Scholarships

By Matt Brown, Marketing Strategist at COMSTOR Outdoor

How do you get someone to come out of their nice warm home on a cold December night?
Well, it’s pretty easy when you’re Sweet Aroma’s Coffee Shop in downtown Bellefontaine, Ohio… especially when you’re raising money for a scholarship for a local student to attend Ohio Northern University!

Will and Beth Zell, owners of Sweet Aroma’s, which opened it’s doors nearly one year ago this month, called me with a great idea for engaging the local community members and benefiting a local cause. Every so often they hold a “Guest Barista” night where all tips earned by a special guest barista can be donated to a cause of their choice.

Sweet Photo Jason Matt Justin
Jason [Duff] and I were talking about how awesome it would be to work together, using our collective networks at Ohio Northern University as BSBA ’05 alum, to raise monies for an ONU scholarship to help a local student. We also recruited Dustin Wickersham, a member of our team here at COMSTOR Outdoor, also an ONU alum (BA ’07), to join us in serving up coffee and shots of espresso for this cause.

Several ONU alumni, faculty and staff traveled to downtown Bellefontaine to have a cup of delicious coffee and entertaining atmosphere and live Christmas music performed by ONU’s very own Dean Alstaetter (Coordinator of Outreach Affairs at ONU and musician) and Justin Courtney (Director of Residence Life and singer).

It was very exciting and much appreciated to welcome President and First Lady of Ohio Northern, Dan and Chris Dibiasio, to Sweet Aroma’s and join us in this fun-filled evening of exciting conversations and caffeine.
Singers at Sweet Aroma's

To help raise more funds, local embroider Brenda Snyder of All About Stitches, sold ONU apparel donating a portion of proceeds to our cause; I gave away signed copies of my book The Insurance Xperience in exchange for donations; and Jason made a $1,000 in kind donation towards this cause.

Brenda All About Stiches
The local Logan County community also came out in full support and all in all we collectively raised over $1,500 for the local scholarship, and we’re proud to say that it was an ONU and Logan County community Team Effort!!

A special thank you to Dan and Chris Dibiasio, Justin Courtney, Dean Alstaetter, Ann Hamilton-Donnelly, Will and Beth Zell, and everyone else who came out to support from the ONU and Logan County communities!

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