Haul Out The Holly…With Your Message!


I recently read an article that points to scientific proof that a full moon actually induces labor early for some women.

If it can do that, what else can it do?


Now, I am not going to get all sci-fi and weird on you BUT…

I’ve noticed something different in people lately and have been trying to pinpoint exactly just what it is…I haven’t ruled out the moon!

It could be a lot of things…

The election is over.
People are spending money.
The Christmas Holiday Season is upon us and the 24/7 sounds of Jingle Bells are in the air.

Whatever it is – it’s a good thing and I hope it continues.

Perception is a HUGE THING and I work hard to stay intuitive to the trends and people around me. I found one important quality that guides all of these trends and I am going to share this very important secret with you today.

The secret is, when we perceive that something is positive/good, it often is.


Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Well, duh, I already KNEW that.

Well, that’s only the first part. You may know it but are you ACTING UPON IT?

Positivity is the best medicine for your business and most importantly for your customers. If you don’t believe me, look at this screen shot from the post I made on Facebook today (OVER 90 likes and 20 comments in just 12 hours).

facebook post

With Christmas coming up, here’s one example of how you can SHARE your positivity with others in a VISIBLE and fun way.

Is your business decorating for the Holidays or have you considered volunteering to help decorate and serve your community?

Many communities are struggling to decorate this year because of a lack of resources. Have you ever thought about volunteering your time to help decorate like Sharon Traul and Diana MacDonald, who I caught in the Downtown working this week?

Canby Christmas

Maybe you aren’t the decorating type or maybe you would like A SIMPLE, EASY AND CREATIVE solution for someone else to do it for you.


Check out this awesome COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS BILLBOARD that we worked with The Richwood Banking Company on for the Village of Huntsville. Richwood is a great bank and one of the many ways that they give back to the community is helping decorate the Village of Huntsville.

christmas billboard

They do this because they want to see Huntsville looking it’s best this Holiday Season even when budgets are very tight at the Village. How thankful are we that businesses like Richwood are stepping up to fill this need!

If you missed doing a Christmas or Holiday billboard design this year, hit a quick reply and share that you’d like us to make sure that we contact you early next year so you can do what Richwood did and send out a Community Christmas Card that shares positivity in an infectious way.

Make today great and see what you can do to push the needle forward with that positive PERCEPTION.

Jason Duff

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