The most creative billboard ever…

…has yet to be created yet!

Every year over 75% of our billboard clients renew their contract with us.

And every single time they renew, we ask them if they would like to change the design on their billboard.

Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t…


In today’s email I want to “work your creativity muscle” a little bit by providing you some quick ideas for your next billboard campaign.

I recommend that as you look at each idea below, you think about the questions at the end of each idea to see how you can tailor the “billboard design type” to your current business to be as effective as possible.

Idea #1: Creatively Use Shapes


This design is really eye catching and visually illustrates how PONDS helps people clear up their skin.

Exercise: How could you integrate shapes into your next billboard to be effective?

Idea #2: “Gamify” Your Billboard


This design uses a “fill in the blank” game. This tactic keeps you engaged and is simply unforgettable.

Exercise: How could you “gamify” your next billboard and be effective in attracting customers?

Idea #3: Illustrate Your Point…”Literally”

Billboard Size

This is a really creative way to send a message and make a statement at the same time…”literally!”

Exercise: How could you use this angle creatively and effectively?

I hope you found these few ideas helpful when thinking about your next campaign.

If you would like to share an idea with me that triggered you for your specific business, send me a reply and let me know what you came up with.

Have an awesome weekend,

Jason Duff

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