Takeaways from our first Digital Billboard

If you weren’t already aware, we put up the first digital billboard in Logan County! As if this process wasn’t exciting enough, Billboard Insider did a story on us to cover the whole implementation process from before the installment to after. Definitely check out the articles they did, but we’ll cover some of the highlights. In our personal experience with the digital billboard space, this being the first for us, we’ve definitely learned quite a few lessons along the way.

1. Pricing

As a primarily static billboard business, all we really knew was how to price static billboards. Trying to price different packages for digital ads was a step that took research, time, consideration and more research. We wanted our clients to feel like they were getting the best bang for their back, as well as the exclusivity of a limited ad digital billboard. We studied and talked to many other billboard owners and operators to try and find pricing that was appropriate for a market like Bellefontaine.

2. Technology

For static billboards, the technology is pretty simple. Editing the ad and getting it up on a billboard is about the extent of the technology used. A digital billboard is a whole different ball game. The entire process is completely digital and learning new technology isn’t always that easy. Working digital billboard software is definitely a change of pace, but Watchfire made it easy. They provided us with a training program and user-friendly software that makes delivering quality ads to our clients a pain-free process.

3. Launch

All in all, no matter the difficulties we discovered throughout the process, the launch of the new billboard was a complete success. We were shocked and elated at how smooth it went and the response from the community. We have Logan County and our clients to thank for allowing us to try something new and bring something bright to Bellefontaine. We are so proud of the new board and thankful to everyone who had a hand in the launch of our new digital billboard.

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