Weekly Review (And How To Do It)

As we approach the end of the year, one can’t help but ask the question – so how did you do?

Heading into the New Year is when many of us reflect on setting goals and resolutions for the future but we often forget that goals are easiest achieved when there’s a process to accomplish them.

Pie chartOne of the single most important things I do all week to keep myself focused and productive is a weekly review.

Goals without a measurable outcome are just a pipe-dream and I’ve faced that tough reality of setting goals and not hitting them.

So, I started reading and researching systems that work and found the WEEKLY REVIEW.

I learned about the WEEKLY REVIEW after reading one of my favorite books, David Allen’s Getting Things Done.

Usually on Sunday evenings, my weekly review starts with a comprehensive inventory of my PROJECTS – ACTIVE.  I then break these projections into easy steps or actionable items. For me, a project is anything that’s more than one task. Something I can’t or won’t be able to get done right away.

I also have a PROJECTS-SOMEDAY list. These are things that I eventually want to do. I typically review this list quarterly to see if anything needs to be moved or changed to PROJECTS-ACTIVE.

Next I print out the PROJECTS-ACTIVE list so that I physically have the list in front of me. Then, with a glass of wine in hand, I work through each Project on the list one by one and do the following….

List the Next Steps of Each Project for My Task List – For each project, I spend time identifying what the next thing is that I need to do – a tactical step – to move the project forward.

Make a Note to Ask for an Update on Something I’m Waiting For – Sometimes I’ve delegated an item and am waiting on a team member to respond or update. My weekly review helps remind me that I need to ask them about it.

Defer to Next Week – Many things on my active project list just aren’t going to get the attention in the coming week given other priorities or issues that arrive. It’s o.k. – this is life. I give myself permission to literally forget about it until the following week’s review.

Delete and Remove the Project – One of the most empowering and feel good things to do is to check the complete box or cross an item off your list. This serves as a healthy way to remind yourself of what you are accomplishing and also build your confidence for important tasks you want to accomplish in the next week.

By doing these steps on Sunday evening, I feel confident that I am approaching my Monday with clear goals, objectives, and outcomes for the following week. During the week, new projects get added to both the PROJECTS-ACTIVE and PROJECTS-SOMEDAY lists.

As you head into the New Year, please pat yourself on the back for all of the hard work, time, and effort that you have invested into 2014 and also I hope that you can learn from the “Getting Things Done System” and use it to benefit you in 2015.


Jason Duff

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