Here is a Way to Get Some Rebates

So I’m a little weird…. 

I always look at light bulbs. 

I subconsciously do it every time I enter a home or business. 
I can tell you what kind of lamp they are: incandescent, florescent, halogen or LED. I can even identify the specific type of hue the lamp puts off: bright white, cool white, or daylight. 
I’ve had this fascination with light bulbs ever since I was a kid and it was my responsibility to change the light bulbs at our family business. It’s funny how some of our first jobs provide the most memorable and lasting experiences. Things you can never turn off. 
Untitled-1Your lights are important. They help illuminate your work area, display your products, and identify how much you care about your business and customers. 
They also impact the mood of you and your employees and influence the buying decisions of your customers. 

So while you may have a few lights out in your windows and think that it’s no big deal, this actually may be costing you money. 
And even more important, the type of the lamps that you have in your light fixtures may be old and outdated. Even though they work when you turn them on, because they’re so old, they may be costing you double to operate than buying a brand new fixture. 
LED’s (Light-Emitting Diodes) are the brand new way of lighting. Not only do they use a fraction of the energy that most lamps do, many of them do not require replacement for 20 years based on average use. 
I recently came across many valuable rebate programs that I wanted to pass along to you. These rebate programs are encouraged and available by your local Co-op or Utility provider. 

I have upgraded much of the lighting in many of our businesses and saved thousands of dollars. 

If you’re looking for ways to have conversations about refreshing your home or business, I would strongly recommend that you do an energy audit, taking a look at the types of light fixtures that you have any how many you are using. 
Once you have that info, I’d recommend that you check out the rebate link on your utility company’s website. I’ve listed links for both AEP and DP&L below that highlight more information about local problems. 
DP&L Lighting Rebates 
AEP Lighting Rebates 
In many cases, you can download information about the rebate program and call your utility company to get more information about how you can qualify. 
The rebates you can receive may help pay for the replacement of the lamp/fixture and the energy savings that you will get from replacing often pays for itself in the first year. 
I hope that you find this info helpful. 

I’ve personally used this program and received my rebate checks this week. It’s the real deal! 
Hoping this info brightens your day.

Jason Duff 
COMSTOR Outdoor 

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