Year End Tax Planning

I was having a conversation with my CPA last week and he shared with me some advice that is downright sobering. He said to me “There are two things that you and I will never escape – death and taxes.” … Continue reading

Like winning contests?

Do you like winning contests? No really… How many times have you jumped through hoops to sign up for a contest because you wanted to win the prize? If you’ve ever won a contest like this, you know how amazing … Continue reading

The most creative billboard ever…

…has yet to be created yet! Every year over 75% of our billboard clients renew their contract with us. And every single time they renew, we ask them if they would like to change the design on their billboard. Sometimes … Continue reading

How Can I Use A Billboard To Market My Product Effectively?

Have you ever thought about using a billboard to promote your business? If you haven’t, this post is going to help you in many ways. Not only will you know what questions to ask, but you will also understand what … Continue reading

Customers say it best…

I have a question for you. How many ways are you integrating your customer’s testimonials and stories into your marketing to attract more clients and sales? If you’ve been reading my newsletters over the past couple of months, you’ve noticed … Continue reading