What’s Brewing in the Beer Industry?

Beer (ale) is one of the oldest beverages humans have ever produced, dating back at least to the 5th millennium and written into history of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. To make beer, almost any cereal containing certain sugars can undergo … Continue reading

What’s Your Story?

“In a world where people have a lot of choices, the story may be the deciding factor.” – Nick Morgan   The story about WHY you are who you are is VERY important. Read on, and I will explain why.   I want you … Continue reading

Losing Someone You Love

Losing people we love is never easy, especially when you look up to them for strength and believe they will always be there.   After a long and difficult battle with a rare form of cancer, my Grandfather Jim Duff is at … Continue reading

Expiration Dates Matter

Have you been grocery shopping lately? If so, have you paid any attention to your buying habits or the buying habits of people around you? I go to the store as least often as possible but know that if I … Continue reading

Everyone Wears Makeup

Mary Kay Ash, Founder of the popular Mary Kay cosmetics, built one of the largest and most successful direct selling networks in the world. How did she do it? I’ll tell you that she didn’t do it with some fancy schmancy Internet … Continue reading