Saunders Joins Team at COMSTOR Outdoor

Eddie Saunders hails from Anna, Ohio where he went on to graduate from The University of Northwestern Ohio where he obtained his BSBA in Marketing.  His passion is in helping businesses get from where they are to where they want to be through compelling marketing strategy and relationship building deliverables that will engage their clients and customers on a human level.

EddieheadshotHe thrives on cultivating positive relationships with his clients, working hand in hand, as well as guiding them through his lenses of expertise in marketing and business building strategies.  Although younger than many of his colleagues, he is eager, knowledgeable and committed to delivering results for his clients.

He holds his Google Adwords Certification, as he knows the value of print advertising for clients that it makes the most sense for; while also connected and highly engaged on various social media platforms – truly a well-rounded and “jack of all trades” marketer.

Eddie is most proud of being a father, as he shared with me, “I always looked up to my father, so being one now is a very fulfilling part of life and I hope that I’m making as much of an impact as he did for me.”

For fun, Eddie enjoys playing guitar and is a singer/songwriter for the past 13 years.  He’s part of an acoustic trio, and also coaches Mixed Martial Arts in Lima, Ohio.  He enjoys chess, reading marketing blogs, and spending time with family.

When asked why he is most excited to join COMSTOR Outdoor, he shared that, “[I had] been watching  their team over the past couple years and seen their growth and more importantly, their impact, on small businesses in our local communities.  I admire their ability to expand offerings, in terms of launching websites, creating magazine pieces for clients, while also standing committed to traditional billboard advertising and signage strategies for helping clients attract more business. I wanted to be part of that kind of culture, one that can recognize opportunity, strike while the iron is hot, and still deliver exceptional results for their clients.  That’s where I wanted to be.”

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