Insightful Statistics for 2014

If you have a ringtone on your phone, for many it might as well be set to sound like a CASH REGISTER.

This past week, CNN news reported that e-commerce sales hit a record $2.68 billion on the first day following Thanksgiving weekend. Up 17% from the previous year according to Forrester Research.

Cyber Monday was the biggest ever online shopping day in the U.S.

This news is good for some and depressing for others.

Let me share this statistic again because it’s THAT important.

Pie chartThe 2014 Cyber Monday was the BIGGEST ONLINE SHOPPING DAY EVER!

Why is this so important?

Today, having an online presence for your business is one of the most important ways that customers can find, interact, and purchase products from your business.

If you don’t have a website, you may be missing out on huge potential and a shifting trend in how people do business.

Maybe you have a website, but are you really happy with how it represents your business?

Even if you don’t sell a product or service online, making it easy for a business to learn about where you are located, what your hours are, and/or what your brand offers – really matters.

Here’s an example that you can learn from.

This past week the Logan County Chamber of Commerce launched a brand new website. The Chamber serves a very important role in providing education, advocacy, and services to the local business community. When new companies look to expand or locate to a particular community, one of the first things they do is interact with the Chamber.

The Chamber learned from speaking with a professional developer that its website is the FRONT DOOR that everyone looks at.

Today, many site selectors, CEOs, and entrepreneurs Google and take a look at what the community has to offer, its demographics, and quality of living.

If you have a bad website, say good-bye for chances to earn their business.

The Chamber recognized they needed a new website and came to us for help.

We immediately took action to survey and collect all of the assets that the community had to offer. And after surveying and conducting some interviews, we found a ton!

Did you know that Logan County…

  • Has one of the cleanest and largest lakes in Ohio? (Indian Lake)
  • Is the Automotive Research & Development Capital of the Midwest? (Transportation Research Center)
  • Has a handful of leaders who have been recognized on the State and National Stage?

These are just a few examples that came up in meetings that needed to be incorporated into Logan County’s story.

The Chamber was impressed and took a big leap of faith by committing to making an investment in working with our team to shoot a number of informative videos and design a new mobile-friendly website that is easy to navigate and use.

Today and now – you can see the end product for yourself; click here to view the website now.

Please, please, please do one thing for me today. Look at your website and ask the question: “Does this website tell my story in a way that I am proud of?”

If not, ask yourself another question: “Do I see value in committing to make it better in 2015?”

Again, just in case you missed it – take a look and browse through this brand new website.

I know how busy you are. But I also know how important the statistics and examples above show that what you are doing online really matters.

If you would like for one of my team members to provide you with a free website and online marketing consultation, please comment below and we’ll setup a short strategy call to discuss.

Wishing you and your family a very HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL Holiday Season!

Jason Duff

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